Choosing between Wix and WordPress for your website is very easy, it all depends on the scope of your website.

If your website will be your business, for example, online store, blog, membership portal, etc., then it’s best you go for WordPress, but if your website is just a front for your business then Wix will be the preferred choice. And before I go further, you need to know that Wix is not a Content Management System (CMS) but only a website builder. Also, there is no provision to add more functionalities into your website if it’s built on Wix, which means there is nothing like plugins to tweak your site.

Notwithstanding all these, Wix is better if you are a novice in building website and you want to build your website by yourself. And even best if your site is meant to front your business.

There are a good number of platforms you can build your website on, and the scope of your website will determine the one you will choose.

WIX is not a CMS and to compare it with WordPress will rather be unfair, but if you are planning to build your website on any of these, let’s consider some factors:


Setting up a website with Wix is a breeze, you don’t need any special training, as long as you can move your mouse and hit your keyboard you can build your website in minutes. With WordPress, you need some additional skills to kick start your website. Also read about Things to consider before starting your website


If you really want to be in control of your website and its content you better go with WordPress. WordPress allows you own your contents, you can move from one host to another, but with Wix, your content is stocked with them, you can’t take it elsewhere.
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Although WordPress is free, getting it up and running requires you to host your site on a server and that will cost a minimum of $50/year while it will cost you an average $150/year to use Wix. Apart from pricing, if you are building on WordPress, you might need the service of a web developer to get your site up which will cost you more. If you are new to website building and without a good budget, Wix will be the way to go.


Wix is easier to use because of its “drag and drop” feature – it’s like using a visual editor like CorelDraw or Photoshop to create your website. Although, the newest version of WordPress (Gutenberg) is likely to be a visual editor, till then Wix is easier to use.


Wix is not flexible, you can only work within the power of the tools available on Wix. But WordPress is open-ended, you can build a custom solution like online store, learning management system or an enterprise solution. Your possibility is endless.

Summarily, With WordPress, you can build from simple to complex websites. Wix will limit you but will make your web development process very easy.