3 Things To Consider When Starting A Blogging Business

One good way of positioning yourself as a thought leader and expert online is through blogging, and it’s is one good way to enable your website and personal brand to get found on search engines like Google. For you to blog effectively, there are certain things you need to put in place:

  • Platform

  • Strategy

  • Content

For today post, I will focus more on the platform to use when you want to start your blog.

There is a lot of platform to use when you want to start blogging but there are some factors to consider before you begin blogging. Here are some:

  • Functionality:

    you need to first find out about the functionality of the blogging platform. Will it be able to enable you to achieve your overall objective for blogging
  • User Experience:

    is the platform going to be easy for users to navigate through and understand how to use it without a guide
  • Budget:

    what’s the fee attached to the use of the platform. Does this thing match your own budget for blogging?
  • Upkeep:

    what is the maintenance level of the platform? Does it require continuously maintain and update the platform or just one off?
  • ROI:

    what is the return on the investment level of the platform? How long will it take to make back your investment of time, skill and money back from the use of the blogging platform?

After you have answered the above questions, then the choice on what platform to use for your blogging will be easy.
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Here are some platforms to consider when you want to start blogging professionally:

  • WordPress.org: WordPress powers almost 30% of the internet. It is user-friendly and you don’t have to have a skill in coding to use it. I use wordpress.org and I don’t have any Cons to it.
  • Wix.com: Wix is another blogging platform you can host your blog. Wix is very easy to set up but I will suggest you check the template you use, some of them are not blog-oriented.

  • Joomla: Joomla is another great platform to use for blogging. Joomla is better if you are combining blogging and an e-commerce store and also if you have a fat budget for blogging.
  • Medium.com: Medium is a combination of blogging and networking platform. It is easy to set up considering you can use your google or facebook account to sign up. Medium.com comes with a monthly subscription fee of $5.
  • Blogger.com: Blogger is Google’s own blogging platform. It is simple to use but not as flexible as WordPress

Next blog post I will share on the strategy part of starting your blogging career.