I believe from my last post which I talked about choosing the best blogging platform for your brand, you should have made up your mind by now on which blogging site you feel is the most appropriate for you. In case you missed it, Read it Here.
Today I would be talking about the strategic part of starting a blogging career. 
Blogging can be beautiful when backed up with the right content to follow. Hence, most importantly documenting your strategy is a great way to start a successful Blog post.

According to Business Dictionary, Strategy can be defined as a method or plan chosen to bring about a desired future, such as achievement of Goal or solution to a problem.
It can also be defined as a laid down plan, step or process to be taken by a person or organisation to direct the company in achieving its desired results/ goals in future.
Having defined what strategy is, its high time I broke down the strategies that can help you build that perfect blog for your business.


  1. Know your Audience: When blogging you need to identify your audience, that is, have a clear idea of those you are trying to reach with your post, know their personas, (what they love, the time you can reach them, their interest) and post relevant articles of their interest.
  2. Have a goal: Always have clear objectives of how you want to achieve and accomplish your goals this will prevent you from going off the board and clustering your blog post with unnecessary content. It will also help you set Realistic Goals.
  3. Develop Content Strategy: Like I explained above, come up with the different areas of targeting your audience as content strategy is the life wire of a blog post, because it covers each area you want to talk about as the aim of your blog post is to provide useful information to them.
  4. A Defined Blogging Schedule: Have a defined blogging schedule, that is consistency in blogging is key, the more you blog the more your awareness increases, stepping up your game in blogging is paramount to being a successful blogger, in other words, don’t delay in blogging because of your schedule, attend to all queries and comments.
  5. Content Promotional Strategy is Key: Promoting your content via social networks is key by making use of quotes, snippets and links that will help drive lots of traffic through the use of the Social Media which is one of the Top pillars of Marketing.
  6. Personalize Your Blog: A blog should be personality driven, that is, being honest and informative with every post attaching a face to be identified with.
  7. Your content should be Action Driven: Your blog post as I said earlier should have a goal and it should also ensure that your focused message should be delivered to the target audience and it should also have an actionable point which should increase leads and shares.

    So what are you waiting for? Start that blogging today and you will be glad you did.