Hey guys, thank you to everyone who has been following my blog post I really appreciate it and please don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel. Today I would be concluding the series on the blog post, first I talked about the 5 best sites you can use for blogging and then I went further to explain the strategies used for blogging, in case you missed it Read Here, I would be talking about the contents needed for writing a  blog article.

Blogging for the first time can be frustrating because there are so many contents to read on the Internet and trying to compete with each other. As the Internet becomes more saturated, the thought of how you compete against billions of other blogs can be discouraging the truth is at least 80% of these contents on the Internet offer little value or no value to their readers. This should give you an excellent chance of succeeding by creating superior content though it would demand a huge investment of your time, the rewards will follow.

I will be sharing some pieces you need to engage readers, increase your social shares and drive conversions.


  1. Research A Compelling Topic Before You Start Writing
    Coming up with a catchy topic can be confusing and your title is what motivates people to click a link and read your post, researching the right keywords to add to your topic is also time-consuming but if done properly it would generate a good result. The best blog post which attracts a high number of clicks are usually the ones that start with the “How to” or number solutions such as “ the top 3 ways to”…  this is because the readers learn something specific from it and it also teaches them to ( Do It Yourself).
  2. A Well Crafted and Detailed Summary
    This is where you include a well-crafted and engaging summary to convince your audience this drives more traffic because it will engage people to read more of your post because you got their attention at this point.
  3. Amazing Contents:
    Your blog post should contain amazing content that will engage your audience which will make them read your post. You can start by telling a story, asking questions or even showing readers you understand their challenges and fears. Also, ensure your blog content flows according to that is, the story flows well and makes use of all necessary sub-headings, bullet points, paragraphs and all.
  4. State The Action Required:
    Whatever you want your target audience to do after reading your post should be included like “leave comments? Share the post? Click here to get yours? Subscribe to your channel? it should be clearly stated at the end of the article.
  5. Include Images:
    One major thing that should be included in your blog post is including your images because it not only makes your page more visually appealing but also attracts them emotionally and it can also improve your SEO when you use captions and alt tags that contain your keywords you are ranking for.

On a final note blogging is interesting when consistency and determination are involved, so what are you waiting for? With the right tools, blogging would be easy!!!
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