If you notice that your internet data runs down quickly with less activity on your PC, this could be because of the Windows update running in the background.

As a computer user, all you care about is have a working system, even if it is behind months (or years) of update, as long as it won’t stop working because of hardware and software issues. Most times downloading Windows updates as soon as they are available can occupy your computer resources, thereby making your computer very slow during the downloading process. Also configuring the updates might take several hours which is very annoying. I will show you how you can permanently disable the windows update from running on your system, this is applicable to Windows 7 and later.

You can also watch  this tutorial video

Although this action has its disadvantages which are:


  • You will not get all the new features as soon as they are released by Microsoft
  • Your computer might be vulnerable to external attacks due to not having the latest security patches which comes with these updates.


If these disadvantages are less important to you, you tend to save more internet data

Save Data

Saving valuable time and resources by avoiding the Windows Update download and configuration processes
Installing Windows Update

Sometimes saving you the heart ache that follows when your PC crashes due to hardware conflict with a new update
bluescreen of death


  1. Press the Windows key + R, then type “services.msc” and click ok
    Run Command
  2. Double click on Windows Update on the list
  3. Select “Disabled” as the startup option
  4. Click “Apply” and then Click “Stop” to terminate the update service
  5. Go to the “Recovery” tab and select “Take No Action” as the option for all failure response and click “Apply”
    Windows Update

Now the Windows update is disabled and no more waste of data and time. You can follow same process to re-enable if you want the Windows Update, at least you can control how your computer resource is used.