Where to host your website is another important decision you have to make when starting up your website. As a Nigerian (business) when planning to host your website, there are two hosting options you have to choose from:

  1. Hosting with a Nigerian hosting company
  2. Hosting with renowned foreign web-hosting company

Using the service of hosting companies that are domicile in Nigeria is the easiest way to get your site up and running but it comes with its pros and cons. One of the most significant benefits of choosing a Nigerian host is that it allows you to pay in our local currency Naira, without all the stress associated with paying in dollars and sometimes having the payments rejected. They offer the most affordable hosting packages.

Another edge Nigerian local host have over their foreign counterparts is that you can register .NG domain name levels with them.

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Nigerian Hosts Foreign Hosts
Performance 3 Star 5 Star
Ease of Payment 5 Star 3 Star
.NG Domain level Reg. 5 Star 1 Star
Customer Support 2 Star 4 Star
Pricing 5 Star 4 Star

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Foreign Hosting

Unlike their Nigerian counterparts, renowned foreign hosting companies are better equipped in terms of technology, security and customer support. Their servers are extremely fast and have near 0% downtime.
If you are planning to build a mission-critical website with a global audience in view, I will recommend you go foreign. Although Nigerian hosting companies have improved tremendously lately, but most of them are still lagging in the area of customer support (speaking from experience).

You might want to choose a local Nigerian host for their location, ease of payment and domain name availability. However, I will suggest you don’t sacrifice speed and performance, especially if you are targeting a global audience.

So if your website will be huge and very critical to your business, you are better off with renowned foreign hosting.

However, for MSMEs, Nigerian local hosting will do for businesses with few traffic on their website.

Top Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria

Although, testing web-hosting server speed and performance with  Server Speed Checker and security might be quite tricky, but the best way to get a better result is to check the speed of a website hosted by their servers. However, here are some of the best web hosting companies in Nigeria, in the order of my preference.


Launched in 2014 by an Indian firm, they have been trending lately in the web-hosting sphere in Nigeria. Great customer support and the best hosting price in Nigeria, although I have not used their service but recommendation from my colleagues shows that they are very good and reliable. Their yearly billing starts at N3,600.00. Visit Domain King


One of the pioneers of modern web hosting in Nigeria, and they are popular among bloggers. I had a terrible experience with them some years back – poor quality service couple with unresponsive customer support but it seems they have improved recently with more active support channels. They are among the few that provides monthly plans, starting at N400.00. Visit Whogohost


They have been in web business since 2007 and I have been using their service for over 8 years, I do implement basic task like registration of .ng domain level names and also less tasking website projects with them. Their Cloud and Physical Servers is being managed outside the shores of Nigeria. I have stick with them this far because of the good experience I have had with them compared to other Nigerian hosting companies I have used. Their hosting price ranges between N4,000 and N100,000 per year. Visit Utiware


They are among the first web-hosting companies in Nigeria, they have been around since early 2000s and owned by a South African firm. My experience with them was above average, good customer support but their storage space and bandwidth size are limiting; but if you can sacrifice space for performance, you can go with them. Visit Web4Africa


Last but not the least, QServers comes with one of the fastest servers in Nigeria with great affordable payment options, you can spend as low as N350.00 per month to start your website and they accepts all mode of payments. Visit QServers

Now you know the best web-hosting companies in Nigeria, you can checkup their prices and what they can offer you and start your website with them.

If you have a Nigeria web-hosting company you feel should be included in this list, or want to share an experience you had with any of these companies, feel free to drop your comment below.