If you are planning to launch your web project in Nigeria, In this post, I will recommend Nigerian hosting companies you can rely on. This is a quick guide to the top web hosting companies you can consider for your web projects.
It will interest you to know that gone are the days when Nigeria don’t have a reliable web hosting company. These days, things have changed.

There is this perception that Nigerian web hosting companies are just resellers but the fact is some of them have their data centres here in Nigeria, and even the known international brands host their servers on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.
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Before you choose a web hosting company, you need to consider:

  • Speed
  • Uptime
  • Security
  • Storage & bandwidth
  • Price
  • Customer service
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From my personal experience and feedback from colleagues, these Nigerian companies have improved tremendously over the years. And having easy payment options (like local bank transfer & local debit card acceptance) and the “.NG” domains registration, these are the major advantages they have over their international counterparts.

Although testing web hosting server speed, performance and security might be quite tricky, but the best way to get a better result is to check the speed of a website hosted by their servers. However, here are some of the best web hosting companies in Nigeria.

  • HostNowNow
    Their shared-hosting starts at N250/month and they are an IT solution company situated in Lagos, they serve a large number of clients in the web hosting, and web content development & management.
    They have been in business since 2014.
    Visit HostNowNow
  • Qservers
    Founded by Seun Kehinde in 2004. Like others on this list, they are web hosting and domain registrar, also committed to the customers’ satisfaction. By serving tens of thousands of customers, they are becoming one of the popular web hosting companies of choice in Nigeria. Their shared-hosting starts at N450/month.
    Visit QServers
  • Web4africa
    has been around since 2002. Their shared-hosting starts at N700/month, which is the most expensive on the list. But pricing does not matter if you want to go for value. Also, I noticed that they have increased the storage and bandwidth on their plans compared to my last review on them.
    Visit Web4Africa
  • Garanntor
    They are the newest kid in the block. Opened for business in 2015, they have been taking more share in the web hosting space. with good customer support lately, and the best price on the list starting at N300/month for a 2GB storage and 10GB bandwidth.
    Visit Garanntor
  • Whogohost
    Established their online presence in 2007, theirs have been a story of “mastering your craft as you progress”. They probably might be the best web hosting company in Nigeria for 2020, in my own opinion. Their monthly shared-hosting plan starts at N500/month.
    I have noticed a tremendous improvement in their customer support, they have awesome developers community engagement. Their uptime which is above 99% can reliably handle your small to medium scale web projects.
    Visit Whogohost

If you have any questions or an experience you had with any of these companies you want to share, please drop them below.