Get-StartedFinally, I have decided to put my pen on paper and this is one of the greatest challenge any project must overcome. For several months I have been on the bench of procrastination, starting up this site might have been a priority but how to put things together perfectly has always been an issue. And from experience I realized that no “time is perfect” except you take the first step, I guess I’m doing same right now.
On this site, I will be sharing knowledge as technologist both from the street and mainstream, analyzing trends as they happen, making some demos and tutorials on digital media and web technologies, and also answering questions from you – my valuable audience.
In few days to come I will be writing about computer configuration, I will be analyzing different system specs and how important they are to you as a user. Most times friends do call for my advise on which PC spec they should go for, when buying a new computer; and this normally end up in more confusion. I will give a detailed analysis and what to consider when buying your next PC as a home/office user, gamer, or digital media editor.
In addition to this blog, I will be vlogging some contents on YouTube which I will be sharing here too. While I’m getting set, keep moving forward.